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sMichaelGriffin: Unique, page-specific H1s make the most sense from a SEO & (IMHO) semantics viewpoint. What do you think? #h1title 10:20 pm Feb 28, 2013

jomoweb: Ok @h1debate, I strongly feel #h1title is the way it should be and @html5 should adopt a <logo> tag since it is such a common element. 10:17 pm Feb 28, 2013

accordionpeas: Having a logo as a H1 is wank #h1title 2:33 pm Feb 19, 2013

louisbdj: The H1 tag on a web page should reflect the topic of the page, not be wrapped around the logo/site title. #h1title 1:51 pm Feb 19, 2013

farnhizzle: i think i am more prone to make a page's h1 tag pertinent to the pages content title #h1title 9:19 pm Jan 15, 2013

imJackH: @paulrandall @h1debate @OllieParsley yeah it's good to work on stuff that's not trying to sell anything for a change. I'm #h1title 4:11 pm Nov 16, 2012

ugureskici: @h1debate, of course #h1title :) like this 7:08 am Jul 25, 2012

misslisi: IMO, the logo should not be the h1 tag. Using #h1title makes the most sense from both SEO and semantics/standards perspectives. @h1debate 1:18 pm May 4, 2012

breerly: @h1debate #h1title. definitely. 8:47 pm Mar 13, 2012

DJarchery: @h1debate #h1title. definitely. 8:46 pm Mar 13, 2012

gutenfell: @h1debate #h1title. definitely. 8:46 pm Mar 13, 2012

grawrbe: #h1logo or #h1title? #h1both !! 5:15 pm Feb 24, 2012

joelpittet: #h1logo & #h1title, It's not a one or the other thing. Pages without copy benefit from the logo h1 and pages with both just have both. 6:46 pm Feb 10, 2012

kevinjaako: : A cool use of Twitter hashtags to power an automatic poll? Oh, and of course, #h1title 3:03 pm Feb 5, 2012

dblancoparis: @h1debate 1 vote for #h1title 11:47 am Jan 16, 2012

danybmx: The H1 debate, I vote for #h1title obviously 1:27 am Nov 2, 2011

fritzweisshart: The H1 Debate. I vote #h1title (albeit I could imagine both logo & title) 1:21 pm Oct 23, 2011

2bweb: H1 für inhaltliche Überschrift #h1title. Nichtvergessen, Deine Stimme abzugeben 1:08 pm Oct 23, 2011

seotok: #h1logo or #h1title 8:58 pm Sep 1, 2011

cacique: obviouslly #h1title 6:52 pm Aug 5, 2011

The Poll

Company name/logo 28.57% (152 votes)

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Main heading 71.43% (380 votes)

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To cast your vote, simply include your message with the hashtag #h1logo or #h1title. Your tweet will automatically go into it's respective column, and your first vote will be counted. Subsequent tweets will not count.

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